Why should you upload your Academic Notes?

Why should you upload your Academic Notes?

Lecture notes are an important fabric of our educational system. Publishing academic notes provides students accessibility to the best study material and lecture notes around the world.

This also allows the student to focus on participating in active discussion in the classroom. During these discussions, the students explain concepts from their understanding and in the process, imprint these concepts into their memory.

VePub’s Academic Notes contains lecture notes in Engineering, Science, Business and Management, Law, and Health and Medicine.

The platform is planned to be a Share-Base platform where users can share or sell their materials with registration in VePub.


Publish Your Notes, Slides and Reports

Publish Your Notes, Slides and Reports

Faculty members or students from any university can upload their lecture notes, slides, scientific reports or other materials which students from any part of the world can access.

With a worldwide population visiting our website, these notes can be in any language.

Also, you can offer these notes for free or for purchase in your local currency or various other currencies.

Join us in our mission to make the classroom a discussion oriented environment, thereby evolving students learning experience and conceptual clarity.


The Reward and Bonus

The Reward and Bonus

Another reason to upload your notes is the reward you receive from selling your notes. Each lecture note sold on our platform is eligible for a royalty rate of %80 on the net benefit. So this is where it gets exciting. When uploading your notes, you are asked to enter the number of notes you plan on selling.

 Say you enter, 100. When you achieve a 100% efficiency and sell notes to 100 students, you will receive a bonus of 6% in addition to 80% for each lecture note sold.

 However, if you sold 60 notes, your efficiency is 60% (60/100), the bonus you receive will also be lower — based on the numbers in the adjacent table, it will be 2%.

Selling Efficiency








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