Unpublished papers, white papers, data sets, and teaching materials can be a source for increasing the author’s visibility. Getting author's documents (the full range of work produced by scholars and researchers) under control is a key driver to enhance research visibility and impact. With document and data publishing tools, authors can put all of their key research outputs online where they're immediately accessible to the researchers that need them. Previous studies have found that papers with publicly available data sets receive a higher number of citations than similar studies without available data. In addition, new research has found that by putting your research data online, you’ll become up to 30% more highly cited than if you kept your data hidden. In this workshop I will elaborate the advantages of sharing research data and introduce some relevant “Research Tools” for documents publishing.

Nader Ale Ebrahim holds a PhD degree in Technology Management from the Department of Engineering Design and Manufacture, Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya. He holds a Master of Science in the Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tehran with distinguished honors. He also has over 19 years of experience in the establishment of the R&D departments in different companies, heading projects as the project director and project coordinator and implementing knowledge based system in the R&D department. His current research interest focuses on E-skills, Research Tools, Bibliometrics and managing virtual NPD teams in SMEs’ R&D centers. His papers/articles have published and presented in the several journals and conferences.

Strategies to Enhance Research
Research tools
Documents publishing
Research Visibility

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