Patent Basics

Patent Basics

Patents protect novel, useful and non-obvious processes, machine, manufacturers, or compositions of matter. The patent is issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Obtaining a patent gives the patent owner the exclusive right to exclude others from selling or offering to sell, using, making or importing the invention.

A patent is not about granting the owner the right to make, use, offer for sale or import. The key is ‘exclude others.’ Once the patent is awarded, it is valid for 20 years from the date of the filing.However, in exchange for this “legal monopoly,” the investor must disclose how to practice the invention. This description is submitted as part of the application to obtain the patent.

Obtaining a patent brings tremendous value to a company, firm, organization, corporation or even an individual. A patent is critical to entrepreneurs or corporations when searching for investment and it generates revenue for the entity through the development, marketing and sale of the product, license to other corporations. A patent also allows the entity to cross-license their product to another entity in return for a similar license and helps in securing market position or obtaining exclusivity. It excludes competitors from entering your business. A patent also protects your production from duplication.

Patent Monetization

Patent Monetization

VePub’s marketing, commercialization and monetizing team also works on finding suitable methods to monetizing your invention. We will search the market for multinational corporations interested in your invention and facilitate the transaction.

In this regard, you will receive:

  • Custom monetization strategy based on current industry standards,
  • Design marketing plan created after in depth research, and
  • Maximize return on your intellectual property through our industry tested approach. 

has worked with many international companies and have registered and marketed many patents in the last few years. A few of companies we have been worked with them are;

  • Honda Motor Co,
  • Adobe Systems Incorporated,
  • Global Chemical Technologies,
  • Interdigital Patent Holdings,
  • Thalmic Labs,
  • Alcatel-Lucent SA,
  • Woodward,
  • Dow Technology Investments, and
  • Nitto Denko Corp.
Patent Monetizing Steps

Patent Monetizing Steps

Industry Trends Research: Each patent in our program begins with an analysis of current and expected future sector trends to discern the role to be played by your patent. 

Competitive Landscape Reports: We search and determine other companies investing in the technology in the patent, its size and the scale of investment in the technology.

Strategy Development: Using insights gained from technical and financial experts, we gather data such as patent life, competitive landscape, international coverage and other measures that aid in determining value. Our collective analysis including economic opportunities and risk assessment feeds into the monetization strategy our experts design.

Valuation: We determine the worth of your patent on the market using relevant data which precede this analysis. This results in accurate recommendations that make the next step easier.

Execution: We execute based on the best strategy designed by our team of experts to deliver the best results for your patent.


Cost Breakdowns

Cost Breakdowns

NDA 2 business days Free
 Initial Draft Preparation  Two weeks  Miscellaneous Fees
 Patent Search  2 weeks  $500
 Provisional Patent Application (PPA)  2 weeks  $600
 Provisional Patent Application (PPA) Professional Filing PPA  4 weeks  $1200
 Non-provisional APP Drafting and Submission  4 weeks  $5000
 Non-provisional APP Drafting and Submission (Expedite Results)  4 weeks  $7500
 Trademarks  2 weeks  $900
 Design Patent  2 weeks  $1700
 Office Action Response  2 weeks  $1900
Logo Design 1 week $250
Marketing Campaign 1 year $1000 +22.5% (split profit)

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